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Healthy Olive Oil? What!?

Healthy Olive Oil?

  • What to look for in a healthy olive oil when shopping for an Olive Oil in the stores and why nothing compares to what we offer in our Ultra-Premium Olive Oil.
  •  Our Tastefully Olive extra virgin olive oils have a more than two-year shelf life, thanks to the high level of polyphenols (antioxidants) in our olive oil and our temperature-controlled storage conditions. In our warehouse, we keep our olive oil at a consistent temperature of 58 degrees Fahrenheit all year long.
  • Did you know the polyphenol content in a bottle of olive oil is the determining factor in how long a bottle of olive oil will last, NOT the EXPIRATION DATE on the bottle of olive oil? A two-year expiration date is required for every bottle of olive oil. However, the truth is that most olive oils do not have a two-year shelf life, for one or more of the following reasons, among others: lower quality fruit, and olive variety with lower antioxidant levels, clear bottles or other improper storage, and even over-irrigated trees.
  • It is important to look for the harvest date (if you can find it) on a bottle of olive oil, rather than the expiration date because this will tell you how fresh the olive oil is. Also, check the olive variety, and learn about its strengths and weaknesses, as you would consider a specific grape variety for wine. Finally, always choose extra virgin olive oil that is in a dark bottle, especially if it is on a supermarket shelf that is exposed to light.
  • It is also important to know most Olive Oils in the market uses both health and bad fruit. And most companies blend their olive oils.
  • There is no regulation around Olive Oil. Because of this, anyone can label market a product as extra virgin Olive Oil as long as the acid (Bad fruit) doesn’t exceed .8% acid level. So remember just because it says Extra Virgin Olive Oil, doesn’t mean you are getting the best health benefits.
Here at Tastefully Olive Oils. Our Oils are always at or below .2% and is never adulterant with cheep or bad oils. You will always get he cleanest, the most healthy olive oils around. Come on by and order one of our Award winning olive oils!