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About Us

In summary, Tastefully Olive offers exceptional olive oils and barrel aged balsamic vinegars that are crafted with a passion for authentic Mediterranean flavors. The CEO and founder, Melissa Dillehay, grew up in a traditional Italian home where olive oil was a staple ingredient in almost everything they ate and used for multiple purposes. The inadequacies in the olive oil industry led Melissa and her husband to search for the best olives, and they found a special region in Greece that produces olives with an exceptionally high polyphenol level. Tastefully Olive's olives are handpicked within two weeks of ripening and bottled within four hours, ensuring maximum freshness and flavor. Customers can feel confident that they are purchasing high-quality, healthy, and authentic olive oils that will elevate any meal.

We take pride in our high standards of sustainability, using eco-friendly practices in our production process. Our olive oil and balsamic vinegars are perfect for any culinary creation, from salad dressings to marinades to drizzling over fresh bread.

Experience the difference in taste and quality with our Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Aged Balsamic Vinegars. Order now and taste the difference!

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