There are over 4000 varieties of olive fruits! Let us discuss Picual! - Tastefully Olive

There are over 4000 varieties of olive fruits! Let us discuss Picual!

Picual Olive

The Picual is one of thousands of varieties of an olive fruit found around the world. a few are considered more important. Such an Olive variety is Picual olive, which is grown in Spain. Around 30% of olive oil consumed around the world is extracted from Picual Olive oil. Let’s try to find why it enjoys such a position among the olives of the world.

Olives Basics

To answer this question, it is important to know a bit about olives. They are grown around the Mediterranean. Olives have natural bitterness, so they are cured they can be eaten as a whole. However, olives are not cured before the extraction of the oil. That is why Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) have their trademark bitter taste. Olive oils that have a certain sweet taste are made from olives that are ripe.

Varieties of Olives That Are Used for Olive Oil

There are at least 400 varieties of olives that are grown in Italy. In addition to that, more than 250 varieties are grown in Spain. These olive varieties are different in their shape, size, and taste.

Olive oil may be a mono cultivar – obtained from a single variety or a blend – that is a mix. The overall taste of the oil depends not only on the fruit, but the harvesting and processes as well.

Know About Picual olive?

Picual Olives are produced mostly in Spain. Our Tastefulfy Olive Picual Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil is imported from a small Estate in Spain. They are also grown in California, Morocco, and Australia.

There are several reasons for which Picual Olives are considered the best for oil for:

  1. They are larger and also contain a higher percentage of oil in them.
  2. Due to their antioxidants and fatty acid content, they are considered highly nutritious.
  3. Picual olive oil is highly resistant to oxidation and hence is very stable.
  4. These olives have a great flavor and are loved around the world.
  5. It can be paired with a lot of types of foods.
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